Reason behind Boity and Davido’s bust-up explained

Informants claimed Davido wanted to B0NK Boity, but she flatly refused.

Sexxy TV personality Boity Thulo made headlines last week. This as the local star and Nigerian superstar Davido reportedly had a nasty confrontation at the Meikles Hotel in Zimbabwe, where they were both booked.

Boity Thulo

They were both attending the All White 30 Billion concert in Zimbabwe, Harare. The party, with a reputation for always ending in drama, was hosted by Harare socialite and businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

Usually, Ginimbi’s parties – mostly birthday celebrations – hog the limelight because of some female attendees who are set to be scantily clad.


According to Zimbabwean newspaper H-Metro, the two are said to have clashed in the early hours of Sunday morning after the show, which allegedly left Meikles Hotel’s furniture damaged.

Reports suggest that police were then called in to calm the situation. It’s reported that Davido told Boity, in an unconventional way, that he wanted to get in her bed, which allegedly didn’t go down well with her.


It’s reported that Boity then started throwing tantrums and shouted at Davido. Ginimbi, who’d invited the two foreigners to Zimbabwe for the gig, then allegedly tried to intervene.

But Boity reportedly slapped him. It’s also reported that Davido was also manhandled by Boity during the fracas, which angered a member of Davido’s entourage.

The member then allegedly began threatening Boity, telling her she must never visit Nigeria if she wanted to live.

Boity Davido

A screenshot circulating on social media narrating the incident reads: Then Davido’s boy was like, ‘I’ll kill you if you come to Nigeria, you’re dead, don’t even come. In fact, my dad is a very powerful man. I’ll make sure you don’t even pass by the airport’.

In response, Boity allegedly said: “I don’t care about Nigeria.” Called for comment, Ginimbi said: “I don’t know what happened, I was not there. I also heard about it just like you did.”

Yesterday Boity refused to comment. Davido, said to have gone back to Nigeria, wasn’t available for comment.

Source: Daily Sun