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Photos: South Africans react to a car which allegedly costs R150 per month or R4 700 in cash

No doubt Mzansi never cease to amaze. It seems as if it’s now hard to travel by taxis than owning your own car. There is a new car in town and it’s making all sorts of headlines is it that cheap or it’s a fair price. Mzansi’s newly found “R150/pm or R4 700” car has topped trends on the microblogging site as many wish to put their hands on the ‘cheapest’ car in Mzansi as of now.

The car is called Bajaj Qute, a four-wheeler. However, on paper, it does not qualify to be a car. No ways if it’s not a car what is it then? The new ride in town has left Mzansi divided but from the look of things, some have already purchased the car if not a scooter.

Bajaj Qute

Well according to Bajaj the four-wheeler falls in an all-new category called quadricycle. Funny but surprising it has all the characteristics of a three-wheeler as well as car features. It is produced and owned by India’s Bajaj Auto company.

Be it a four-wheeler or whatever the quadricycle with car features seems to be cheap. The car costs R4 700 or R150 per month in instalments.

Many believe these claims, if true, are in a lifetime opportunity to own a motorcycle in South Africa. Well because fuel prices have taken a toll on South African pockets the car is a big deal to many. No doubt that it is a fuel saver.

It has a 0.6 engine capacity and can do 36 kilometres with just a litre of petrol. Its top speed is 70kmph and can carry four passengers at a time, including the driver.

Bajaj Qute

The car has since flooded Mzansi streets despite going viral recently. Several social media users have since shared their video purchasing the car but is the price real or its just social media hype?

But is it really the cheapest car in South Africa right now? And is its price really R4 700? Well, despite many social media posts suggesting so, several recognized car dealers in South Africa are selling a brand new Bajaj Qute at R60 000 – R75 000. So it seems as if the social media hype is all fake. Well, some have insisted that the actual pricing is R4 700 but some local car dealers are bargaining with the car.

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