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Rapper HHP endorses #BonangForDistraction lingerie

Rapper HHP endorses #BonangForDistraction lingerie. Seems like Bonang’s lingerie line Distraction has got its first official ambassador in the unlikeliest of places.


While the rest of South Africa is trying to decide whether to chill or go out, brother Jabba is out here stressing. The cause of his stress? Bonang Matheba. Actually, it’s Bonang Matheba in her lingerie line. So like any brother, he took to the Insta streets to voice his appreciation but in a very unusual way.


As you can see, the dearest brother is saying he’d be willing to rock the starlet’s collection if he had the appropriate private parts.


Bonang, hhay’ Sisi you’re doing the things shem. Is this a case of the rapper expressing his appreciation for the figure that is B or is he low-key aiming for that ambassador cheque?

Bonang Matheba

I mean, everyone’s getting that endorsement money, so why should Jabba miss out? Whatever the case is, bangene boy.

Source: Instagram/ZAlebs

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