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Twitter gives Cyril Ramaphosa 140 days to resign #RamaphosaMustFall

Cyril Ramaphosa has been president for only 140 days, but that hasn’t stopped a new hashtag‚ #RamaphosaMustFall‚ from going viral on Thursday.

The petrol price hike on Wednesday appeared to be the trigger‚ with many of those joining the Twitter craze referring to how the cost of living had increased dramatically since Ramaphosa replaced Jacob Zuma.

Cyril Ramaphosa



Many Twitter users couldn’t share the hashtag without mentioning Zuma.

Despite Zuma’s presidency being tainted by corruption‚ some Twitter users seem to prefer his charismatic charm and entertaining antics.

Some users went so far as requesting a motion of no-confidence against Ramaphosa and criticised the presidential election process.

Many commentators said removing presidents was not the solution to the country’s problems and that a complete change of the governmental system was needed.

Source: Timeslive