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Rain launches app for its network


Rain has made a step towards making lives easier with their new app. While this is a big win, it’s only available on Android and Huawei so far.

Rain has been plagued with hiccups since its launch. Despite aiming to be the provider of internet at lower costs, those who have used the service have complained about glitches, connectivity drops and up until recently, a poor customer interface.

Rain is aiming to correct this with the brand new app, making it easier to manage your SIMs and keep track of your data usage.


The app allows you to see active SIMS, which devices are using them and how much data you’ve used this month. You can also allocate data as you want and you can set data spend controls if you want to better manage how you allocate your data.

This sleek app gives Rain users what they need without adding too many bells and whistles which is the downfall of other networks, especially Vodacom. While there is no iPhone app yet, there is a plan in place to release an iOS version in the future.

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