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Rachel Kolisi shares weight in 25 day weight loss journey

Rachel Kolisi took to her social media to share before-and-after pictures of her body. The star revealed she has improved her health and become a better version of herself.

Rachel shared that she lost weight in just 25 days and she is feeling happy, healthy and ready to take on the world.Rachel Kolis1

Although she struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle, her new regimen allows her to be disciplined and she is enjoying every moment.

Kolisi is also committed to working out and drinking three litres of water once a day.Rachel Kolis2

As she got more into her routine, Rachel adopted more positive habits, including recording a podcast a day and enjoying eight hours of sleep every night.Rachel Kolis0

“I don’t look at my veg or salad dish every day and get excited, it’s hard saying no to things that you really want in the moment. But that’s why having your mindset right from the start of anything you’re hoping to achieve is so important.”


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