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Queen Lolly Sgananda hates PANT!ES, Cools off PUNAN! in Bathroom – VIDEO

We have always wanted to have a sneak pick inside our favourite celebs’ life and we gotta say Queen Lolly Sgananda revealed an interesting secret. She took to Instagram and shared a video that got all of here going crazy.

In the video, Queen Lolly Sgananda is seen in a bathroom stall holding her PANT!ES that she had just taken off and proceeds to go wash them. She then goes to the hand blower and starts cooling off her PUNAN! as the video records.

Queen Lolly Sgananda
Always wear smile. Be positive. Even in difficulties. Now that’s what I call faith. Good Morning Angels

Watch the video below that Queen Lolly captioned – “I was never a friend with underwear. Yoh I feel like someone is suffocating me or something. We were driving for 6hours and had to stop at the filling station to take it off”

Her friend who was recording the video took the words right out of our mouths, Drama Queen! But Queen Lolly Sgananda didn’t seem worried, she had a mission and was going to see it through, Mission Cool off your PUNAN!!

Queen Lolly Sgananda

I wonder if she is wearing any in the above picture, what do you think? Just like Zodwa Wabantu, she is set on being free and seems her fans love every moment of it.

Source – Instagram/News365coza

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