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Cabinet approves policy proposals to amend Public Service Act


Cabinet has approved policy proposals to amend Public Administration Management Act (PAMA) of 2014 and Public Service Act (PSA) of 1994, Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola confirmed on Thursday.

Lamola was speaking during a media briefing on the outcomes of the latest Cabinet meeting, which was held on Wednesday.

The minister said Cabinet had approved the publication of the draft national implementation framework, which was intended for the professionalization of the public service.

“This is in line with the commitment made by the sixth administration to create a capable, ethical, and developmental public service.

“The framework proposes five critical professionalization pillars which will be led by the national school of government [NSG], in partnership with various institutions of learning.

“The five pillars include pre-entry recruitment and selection within the public service; induction and onboarding; planning and performance management; continuous learning and professional development, and career progression and career incidents,” he said.

Lamola said that in light of the approved draft, Cabinet approved policy proposals that sought to amend the PAMA and the PSA acts.

“The policy proposals for the PSA include clarifying the heads of department in the Office of the Premier and the Presidency, and also correct some of the issues occasioned by the court judgments.”

Lamola added that the amendments were premised on furthering the single public administration initiative.

“Also to give effect to the policy reforms envisaged in the national development plan to build a professional public service.

“The single public administration initiative is underpinned by the principle to ensure efficient, quality, collaborative and accountable service delivery,” he said.

-The Citizen

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