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Public outraged by video of female jogger forcefully arrested for a ‘non-existent crime’

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Footage of a woman being arrested during a morning jog in Strand, Western Cape spread like wildfire across social media on Friday. The local resident was apprehended at 7:45 by SAPS, despite taking to the streets during the designated window of exercise permitted during Level 4 of lockdown.

This ugly altercation took place on Melkbaai Road. The jogger was stopped in her tracks and received a telling-off from a uniformed – or perhaps, uninformed – police officer. The debate does not end in a civilised manner, and sure enough, the unidentified woman is dragged into the back of a police van.

The physical element of the arrest, as well as its seemingly wrongful nature, has ruffled many feathers. The video has surfaced just days after SAPS officers were told to avoid using force wherever possible. As you can see from the clip, the jogger is pulled and pushed about by the arresting officers.



Reagen Allen is the DA Western Cape’s Spokesperson on Community Safety. The local politician is seething with the actions of the law enforcement officials, saying that the ‘unlawful’ detention violates the Bill of Rights. SAPS have now opened an investigation into the matter.

“In terms of Police Directives, South African Police Service officials must ensure that a particular offence exists in law before arresting a person for the commission of an offence. Footage of the incident shows that the individual is observing social distancing, wearing a mask and is in within her right to jog between 6:00 – 9:00.”
“This incident comes just seven days after the High Court sent a strong message against heavy- handiness of law enforcement officers in enforcing lockdown regulations and must be strongly condemned as it rightfully goes against the Bill of Rights and values that underpin our freedom.”

-Reagen Allen


  • The woman has since been released from jail on Friday.
  • She was able to secure legal assistance, and it is believed one eyewitness in Strand is a former police worker.
  • Detectives found ‘no basis’ to charge her for jogging.
  • Senior officials are set to investigate the incident, and SAPS are treating this situation ‘very seriously’