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Psyfo has been accused of [email protected] a woman

Psyfo and Aamirah

The month of September has definitely kicked off on a sour note. Issues regarding gender based violence have been ongoing for the longest time – with seemingly no end at all. Whilst ordinary members of our society are usually at the brunt of these crimes, some of our beloved local celebrities have been accused of some of these brutal crimes.

South African media star, Sipho Sidwell ‘Psyfo‘ Ngwenya is the latest celebrity that has been accused of raping a woman. A thread from a Twitter user by the handle, @AmINext_SA, has been trending on Twitter whereby Psyfo has been implicated is said to have drugged and raped the lady in question.


This stinging accusation drew a reaction from Psyfo and prompted the alleged victim to open a case at the police station Other well known celebrities that were included on the list is rapper, DA LES and television presenter, Tshego Koke. Celebrities being accused of crimes of a s-e-xual nature is not a new thing at all. Many are still trying to wrap their heads around American musician, R Kelly’s s-e-xual assault charges that were brought against him early this year.


Several women in America have since been coming out in droves to share details regarding that fateful day. Another legendary American actor was also embroiled in a s-e-x scandal – Bill Cosby.



Bill was accused of s-e-xually assaulting several women – dating back from many years ago. Some of these women included, Helen Gumpel. A former model and actress. She was an extra on the 80’s hit television show, The Cosby Show. This lady in question revealed that Bill invited her to his dressing room, whereby he tried to sexually assault her. Both sides of the story has been put out. Therefore a way forward will soon reveal what the ultimate outcome will be in regards to Psyfos situation.

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