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Protests stop University’s exams

University Protests

Walter Sisulu University (WSU) is facing a possible total shutdown as at leats three campuses have been disrupted by protests.

The Daily Dispatch reports that at the Zamakulungisa campus in Mthatha, three university cars were burnt this morning which led to students being evicted from the campus.

The cause of the anger is apparent non-payments of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) allowances .

Exams have been postponed at Zamakulungisa and at two other campuses.

According to the paper, the faculty of science, engineering and technology (FSET) and faculty of engineering and technology (FET) at the Buffalo City and Butterworth campuses have pushed exams forward to June 18 as a result of disruptions over NSFAS payments.

Registrar Khaya Mapinda said the exam dates for other faculties remained, which means exams still get under way at WSU campuses on Monday.The 2019 academic year has been a tumultuous one, with students at Butterworth, Buffalo City and Mthatha campuses disrupting classes over non-payment of their allowances.

Most of the students affected were those studying towards a national higher certificate in accounting.

University spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo said the students were initially declined funding by the NSFAS based on their N+2 rules.

“The national higher certificate [NHC] is a two-year programme at WSU but it was registered by NSFAS as a one-year programme. This meant that some students who converted their NHC to diplomas and repeated modules, then fell off the NSFAS funding list because their system saw the students as having exceeded the allocated time for studies.

”Tukwayo said the issues were raised with NSFAS and the mistake has been rectified. “WSU CFO Morgan Nhiwatiwa confirmed that those recently cleared by NSFAS for funding will receive their allocations in the next payment run.”

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