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How much Prophet Bushiri makes from his church, former accountant reveals shocking millions

It seems the self-proclaimed prophet Bushiri is making a lot of fortune that could be equivalent to most people’s yearly salary through selling his church products like anointing oil, wristbands, tithes, and seed money. All the tea has been spilled by one of his disgruntled former accountant who opened up in 2016 about how much Bushiri was making from his church alone.

The former accountant of Bushiri began by introducing himself as Alex Sarpong. “I’m Alex Sarpong, and I’m an accountant and former General Manager for the ECG church. I started working in September (2016). I was introduced by Prophet Bushiri to managers of different items, anointing oil, water, wristbands, badges, Tshirts, recorders, photographs, and other items they sell at the church.”

Sarpong said every week after selling the products the various employees would report to Sarpong and give him the money they would have made from the sales.

”Anointing oil was R1,5 million every week, water was R300,000, wristbands and badges would be around R250,000 per week. I would receive the money and afterwards I gave them the money they needed to buy other stock. The balance would be sent to the Prophet. Normally we sent between R1,5 million to R2 million every week.

When he was outside the country, I would send him the figures and hand him the cash when he comes. Offerings and seed would normally go to the church bank account to be used for other church expenses. Tithes would go straight to him every Sunday and also R28,000.”

When he was questioned on how he gave the money to him he said, he gave it to him through cash usually he would go his house to hand the money over. Alex also shared that Bushiri’s church wasn’t paying any taxes. He also revealed that Fikile Mbalula who was the then police minister attempted to arrest Bushiri during his time but Bushiri was protected by the then President Jacob Zuma.

“He told me that the minister wanted to arrest him for money laundering but he said President Zuma was his son and also gave him R4 million for protection,” Sarpong claimed.

Alex Sarpong later apologized to Bushiri and said his disgruntlement should have been directed at the church’s board according to ECG News.

At the moment Bushiri battling numerous charges ranging from money laundering to fraud and illegal immigration.

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