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We are working on long-term power solutions, says City of Joburg

As City Power battles to keep up with the effects of continuous load shedding –the City of Joburg said it’s working on long-term solutions, which include benchmarking from the City of Cape Town on ways to reduce dependency on Eskom and cushion customers from the rolling power cuts.

Cape Town residents have been protected from the ramped-up stage 6 load shedding after the city built up reserves allowing it to keep power cuts at stage 4.

City Power’s Isaac Mangena said that currently, 90 percent of the City’s energy comes from Eskom – and the benchmarking tour which follows the recent Energy Indaba is part of ongoing efforts towards introducing independent power producers.

“We are already getting 10 percent of our electricity from Kelvin Power Station, which is another independent power producer, but that is not enough. We are really trying to work hard… we were in this week in Cape Town to learn some of the ways they are onboarding independent power producers. The delegation was led by MMC Micheal Sun and City Power CEO Tshifularo Mashava.”

Meanwhile, the power utility has appealed for patience as it attends to breakages which it says are a result of the strain of load shedding on a system that was never designed to be repeatedly switched on and off.


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