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Motorists’ lives depend on headlights during power cuts

The lives of motorists on the road during load shedding, especially in the evening depends on headlights.

This is one of the issues raised by people on the roads amid rolling power cuts in the country. South Africa is currently experiencing stage 4 load shedding which will move to stage 6 until 10 pm on Wednesday.

Just after 5 pm when the sun sets, the areas where load shedding is underway become darker – putting pedestrians and motorists at risk.

The publication spoke to some motorists in areas where the power was off.

They said they are being left to their own devices as they navigate their way on the country’s roads during power cuts, and it’s a frustrating mission as they now need to keep a closer eye on other road users including pedestrians.

Sabelo Kheswa – who spoke to the publication while on the corner of Republic and Main road in Randburg, said that the power cuts lead to traffic being backed up more than usual, making it very frustrating to be on the roads. He also said he feels more at risk of being in an accident.

“I remember last week here in Republic road, I was going back home from Sandton the was a lot of traffic and robots weren’t working there was a lot of congestion, cars were so close to each other.”

Randburg is one of the areas currently experiencing stage 4 load shedding, as it also readies itself for Stage 6, which will come into effect at 4 pm.


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