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Linda Mtoba talks about her post-pregnancy body struggles

Linda Mtoba

Actress Linda Mtoba is on a mission to get her body back in shape after giving birth, lifting the lid on some of the difficulties she has faced. The star gave birth to a baby girl last month and took to Instagram this week to speak about her journey since.

Linda Mtoba

“They don’t tell us how challenging dressing for your new body is. I look at myself in the mirror trying to recognise my body and what it used to be, it’s gone through so many changes.” She said that most days she was in awe of what she has gone through, but at other times she was overwhelmed with what still needed to be done. Between those moments, I have somewhere I cry because I don’t see myself and all I see is the amount of work I have to put in to get ‘me’ back. I see stretch marks I never had, cellulite in new parts of me, how soft my body is and not as tight as it was, I see flaws. I don’t feel as s-e-xy or as beautiful as I used to feel. She said that her husband had been a rock of support and comforts her when she is feeling low.

Linda Mtoba

“On a random day, as I was looking at myself in the mirror, my husband came in and nonchalantly, said ‘hey, sexy’ before him seeing that I was crying. He came in and reassured me, he kissed my belly and said, ‘this body carried and gave us the most special gift we’ve ever got, I love it’. Linda said she was learning to embrace and love herself, even if she had to deal with a few cries between outfit changes. I know I’m not alone and not everyone is fortunate enough to have an immediate snapback, so please be gentle with yourself. I’m learning to do the same,” she added.

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