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Bheki Cele condemns police killing in Mpumalanga

Police Minister Bheki Cele condemned the killing of Mpumalanga station commander, Colonel Beauty Marivate, who was gunned down in action.

Cele was delivering a eulogy at the burial of 55-year-old Colonel Marivate, who met her untimely death while responding to a supermarket robbery on 30 December 2021.

She was killed when an armed gang opened fire on her vehicle as she arrived on the scene.

Cele didn’t mince his words at the burial. He addressed the community’s anger towards the killing of their number one police officer.

“This killing must anger all of us as a nation and it is through our collective condemnation of such cruel acts, that communities can know the dangers of harbouring criminals who won’t hesitate to get rid of the very same people that protect and serve them”.

“In the same breath, police must also respond decisively to these callous acts and ensure the death of one of their own is never in vain”, he added.

“Colonel Marivate was a skilled investigator who championed social justice so it’s important that all of those thugs who robbed this community of a leader, are found,” said Cele.

Marivate’s family and friends described the late Colonel as a dedicated officer with over 30 years of experience, who fought a good fight.

During his address to the mourners gathered at the Elukwatini stadium in Mpumalanga, Cele called on them to forge stronger working relations with the police.

“We will simply not co-govern with criminals”, Cele said.

“The president has made it clear that the life of criminals must be made hard and these words have re-energised the Saps and strengthened our resolve to make life miserable for criminals,” he added.

He called on residents to help the police in their fight.

“Police can’t do this alone, the men and women in blue who each day put their lives on the line to ensure our safety, need you to be their eyes and ears on the ground”.

“It is through such active and consistent community policing partnerships that criminals can wake up to the reality that crime doesn’t pay but will instead land them in jail or in an early grave,” said Cele.

Eight suspects have been arrested in connection with Marivate’s murder.

-The Citizen

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