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Bloch murders – Police increase reward for information to R100K

Graeme Bloch

A reward linked to the murder of education expert Graeme Bloch’s mother and her partner, which shocked residents in 2018, has been increased in a bid to gain more information.

Graeme Bloch is married to activist Cheryl Carolus.

Police have increased the reward to R100000 from R60000.

Rosalie Bloch, 84, and Aubrey Jackson, 95, were found dead in their Rosebank home.

What started out as a day for Shaun Bloch, Lance’s brother, to treat the couple for breakfast turned into a gruesome discovery of their murder when he arrived at their home.

The police recently announced that a reward of R100000 would be given for information that could lead to an arrest. Last year, R60000 would have been awarded for information that could have led to possible suspects and prosecution. The elderly couple were tied up and murdered in their home during a house robbery in which a few household items were stolen.

Shaun Bloch said yesterday that the family had spoken to their parents about moving to a more secure house, but they stated then that they were comfortable where they were.

“We, as a family, had spoken to them about a more secure home and area that suited their age and increasingly limited mobility,” said Shaun. He described in the aftermath of the murder, how at 9am on that tragic day he discovered his mother and her partner tied up and strangled.

“It’s all very fresh in my mind. The top brass (of the police) are on the case and they are reviewing surveillance footage from the surrounding areas. We know there’s a lot of media attention because of Cheryl (Carolus),” he said previously.

Rosalie had been a high-profile member of the human rights organisation, the Black Sash.

“They were lively and active, living in our family home of 52 years that we have all grown up in,” Bloch said emotionally yesterday.

A detective from the police’s Organised Crime Division said the reward had been increased due to a lack of information.

“This is to identify and link a possible suspect or suspects. No new information has surfaced, and that’s the reason why the reward was recirculated,” said the detective.

On the day of the discovery, police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said police were investigating a case of double murder.

She also stated previously that they couldn’t determine the time the couple were murdered but believed it was a “robbery-turned murder”.

Anyone with information who can assist the investigation is requested to contact the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Kevin Kok, at 064 352 5493 or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

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