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Man dies after being attacked by pitbulls

A horrific 40-minute ordeal in the late hours of Monday night left a Port Elizabeth man dead after he was mauled by two pit bulls.

Ruan Redgard‚ 27‚ whose clothing was ripped off his body‚ died shortly after being dragged into a nearby garden by residents when the dogs were eventually chased away by an ADT vehicle.

Another man who tried to intervene was also salvaged and taken to Livingstone Hospital after residents desperately tried – and failed – to pry the animals off using a stun gun‚ sticks‚ boiling water and by ramming the dogs with their vehicles.

The attack on Redgard was unprovoked as he was walking back to his Magnolia Street‚ Algoa Park home at about 10pm‚ according to eyewitnesses.

His sister‚ Chantelle‚ said she was woken up on Monday night by someone who lived with her brother. “They said I must come quickly because my brother was dead‚” she said.

“I was told the dogs came over a wall and started attacking my brother. “When I got to the scene he didn’t have a piece of clothing on. It broke me to see him lying there [email protected] and dead. I am still in a daze‚” said Chantelle.

 She described Redgard as a loving person who was always friendly. “He had just bought a new Nokia cellphone and had sent me a message on Monday.”

Police spokeswoman Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said an inquest docket had been opened. “At this stage, it is unclear how the dogs got out the yard.”

She said police at the scene had identified the two dogs and shot them dead. “Our investigations will determine what will happen to the owner of the dogs. We will be working with prosecutors on this matter.”

David Wilken‚ 53‚ who lived with Redgard on the Magnolia Street property‚ had heard screams and run outside to help. The dogs turned on him and he was taken to Livingstone Hospital.

Source: Times Live

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