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Residents in parts of Joburg concerned over uncollected waste due to Pikitup casual worker protest

Residents in parts of Johannesburg have raised concern over uncollected waste as Pikitup’s casual workers continue to protest.

Tuesday marked day four of the demonstrations, which affected ten Pikitup depots city-wide.

The workers, whose contracts will expire soon, are demanding permanent employment from the company.

As bins remain on the side of the road and rubbish starts to pile up on street corners, some residents said this was becoming a health hazard.

A resident said while it’s only been a week of no collection, the trash was starting to pile up.

“Everybody is kind of worried about it because my area is prone to rats and mice in our area.”

Meanwhile, a resident told the publication that the trash would attract flies and was likely to create a smell.

“With all the rot, [and] more than that, those of us with kids, those of us who run, you are met with the sight.”

Meanwhile, workers have vowed to intensify the protest throughout the week.


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