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Photographing Marine Wildlife I Cape Town I South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa truly is an incredible place to see amazing marine wildlife and for photographers, an opportunity almost without equal. 

The first ever photograph of a breaching great white shark was captured in False Bay by Chris Fallows almost 26 years ago. 

Given our photographic expertise and that of our crew, we assist all photographers, amateur and professional alike to be in the best possible position for light and the action without compromising the wildlife. 

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Photographic opportunities  

  • Great white sharks, broadnose sevengill sharks and bronze whale sharks from the cage or topside from the boat. We use our knowledge of photography to place photographers in the best spot to shoot the action with the best light whilst not interfering with the outcome.
  • Up close opportunities with Cape Fur Seals. We can get within a few meters of Seal Island’s seals and photographers can get great shots of this spectacle.
    – Dolphin action. We follow one of the dolphin schools for a few hours to witness them feed on bait fish as well as have the dolphins interact with our vessel whilst bow riding or breaching during hunting. These schools can get to be as large as 1000 + so this is an amazing spectacle. 
  • African penguin colony. Photographers can get up close to the penguins and get images of these birds amongst beautifully rounded Boulders at the Boulders beach penguin colony.
  • Blue and mako sharks.  A trip off Cape Point that includes shark cage diving or boat based photography of the mako and blue shark with a very good chance to see four species of Albatross from very close distances, as well as a mass of other bird life. This is an incredible opportunity to get close to these birds as well as shooting spectacular scenery of Cape Point from the water. 

 Our shark cage diving vessel is a custom built photographic vessel allowing photographers 360 degree walk around opportunities as well as a fly bridge for alternate angles. The crew have worked with over 50 international documentary crews and have an excellent idea of what the photographers needs are but more importantly specialise in knowing where to expect certain behaviour. Above all though, the shark crew always put the wildlife first so any photographer who places a emphasis on shooting ethics will be happy to know this.

Through this imagery, the positive awareness of sharks and all marine wildlife is promoted.

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