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Phindile Gwala-Ngandu on what true love feels like

Phindile Gwala-Ngandu

FORMER Muvhango actress, Phindile Gwala, is head over heels in love with her Congolese model husband, Armando Ngandu. It wasn’t love at first sight. The actress was in a bad space when they first met in a parking lot but love caught up with her on their first official date.

Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu

The entrepreneur first bumped into her partner at a parking spot. She says at the time, her mind was preoccupied and she didn’t have any interest. It took a month before Armando got his hands on the beauty’s number through a mutual friend.

Phindile and Armando Ngandu

The two started communicating and still Phindile wasn’t sure about being with him. Things changed on their first meeting. The bubbly personality says immediately when she set her eyes on him, she knew he was the man for her.

Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu

When we met at the parking lot in Rosebank, my mind was so preoccupied that I couldn’t even notice his features. But on the first date I knew he was the one. He was so handsome, smart, romantic and caring. Trust me, he hasn’t changed a single bit,” she tells Move! A smitten Phindile Gwala labels her man as a full package.


She says he is everything she wants in a man. Her husband has brought a positive view to Phindile’s life, he encouraged her to use her business management qualification and venture into business with him. The couple currently co-own a business called Lotha’s Car Wash and Shisanyama.

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