Phat Joe’s interview with the kitty Cat TW#RK#R

The pair’s claim to fame was allegedly tw#rking which they don’t do anymore as they “have better things to do now” and when asked what these “better things” are, the pair answered “spending your daddy’s money.”

In a recent episode of his show titled ‘Highly Inappropriate’ on the new Moja Love channel, Phat Joe (real name Majota Kambole) sat down with two social media sensations by the name of Candice and Lelo to get the juice on what REALLY goes down in Dubai…

Phat Joe

And by daddy, they don’t mean their biological fathers either. He then went on to ask them about their new-found reputation as “Dubai Girls” – a term which they have no problem with.

They compared their trips to Dubai, which they confirmed are paid for by their “daddies,” with getting paid to appear at a nightclub.

Cat Twerkerz

Phat Joe also asked what the most extravagant gift they’ve gotten from their escapades is. Candice then showed off her breasts which she got augmented in Dubai. As for the craziest thing they’ve done while there? Well, Lelo allegedly engaged in a threesome as it is something she’s never done.

The biggest bomb dropped during the interview, however, is the biggest amount of money they say they have come home with after a two-day trip – a whopping (and unbelievable) one million rand. That’s the one with six zero’s behind it.

Watch the interview below:


Source: ZAlebs

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