Twitter thinks only Petronella can neutralise Mamiki #TheQueenMzansi: In Memes

The newest addition to The Queen, Mamiki (played by Pabee Moganedi) is causing havoc and because her presence hypnotises all the men, it’s up to the women to set her straight.

Mamiki - Pabee Moganedi


From the moment Mamiki set foot in Boi’s corner, Cleo’s sixth sense warned her that the girl was going to be trouble and even though she hasn’t seen Mamiki in action, the viewers knew that it was up to Cleo to brief the starring aka Petronella.

The Queen Mzansi

Cleo realised that if left up to her hubby Roy and her cousin Thato, Pabee will leave them bankrupt and may destroy her marriage as well. She accused the men of thinking with their “other heads” where Mamiki is concerned and Twitter agrees with her.

The memes came flooding in. Obvs, everyone agrees that this Mamiki girl is a problem!


But we all knew that the original starring aka Petronella would sort her out. So we weren’t surprised when Cleo dragged her there!





Source: Times Live


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