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Penny Lebyane clears the air on her beef with DJ Fresh

Radio personality Penny Lebyane has once again cleared the air on her beef with DJ Fresh.

This comes after Penny was cited in court papers between Fresh and controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai.

In the papers, Fresh, whose real name is Thato Sikwane, said: “In so far as Penny Lebyane, the author of the original post is concerned, I dated her briefly in 2001, i.e. 19 years ago. I broke up with her because our relationship was toxic and a restraining order was obtained against her after she attempted to force friends of mine off the road. I have not had dealings with her since”.

Penny Lebyane

Taking to social media earlier this week, Penny posted a video saying she requested that her lawyers deal with the issue.

“My lawyers have served Mr Sikwane’s lawyers with a letter requesting proof that I am the originator of the post that Miss Ntsiki Mazwai is being taken to court based on and where and when was a restraining order served to me 19 years ago”, said Penny.

DJ Fresh

Since that video, she has posted another one updating her fans.

“On Monday we posted the videos and we sent the letter of request to DJ Fresh’s team and we gave them a deadline for them to respond. They responded and are requesting an extension. I am declining this on the grounds that they filled this affidavit a while back and they are aware that this matter would appear (before a judge). I was ambushed”, she said.

DJ Fresh

Penny has since made her Twitter account private.

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