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I Was Dead For 3 Minutes, Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila on giving birth

Skeem Saam actress had her followers shedding a tear after being reminded of how their own childbirth experiences were like. Pebetsi Matlaila never shied away from speaking about this horrifying experience but this time she shared a lot more details about how she and her daughter, Qhawekazi, fought to save their lives.

Pebetsi shared some graphic images and videos from 9 months ago of her and Her daughter in ICU. Her second pregnancy was very challenging for both her and her daughter Q, as she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, but they made it through. She describes how this experience became her rebirth.

“They say the birth of a child changes your life… Well the Birth of my last born child QHAWEKAZI was the rebirth of me,” she said. The reason behind this is because she almost lost her life. Well, according to her, she did lose her life for three minutes only.

To celebrate the end of the 9 month journey with her daughter, Q, who is already exploring the house all on her own, she had to take a moment to share all that they went through.

Pebetsi shared that she drove herself to the hospital that day and was going through labour pains. Her blood pressure was extremely high and that posed a risk to her and baby Q. So this prompted a quick response from doctors who she now calls her Angels!Pebetsi Matlaila1

When she got up to head to theatre, she remembers telling the nurse that she could not breathe but then it was “light’s out.” When she woke up, doctors told her that she had been dead for 3 minutes and that her daughter was born blue.

“I am told my heart and lungs collapsed, after I had fits (where I almost bit off my tongue) due to the High -Blood pressure (Pre-eclampsia). Apparently I was dead for 3 minutes but resuscitated with those electric square things a. My daughter was apparently born blue with no oxygen in her brain,” she shared.

The mother and daughter had to spend a month in ICU due to the severity of their birth experience and they thank God for saving their lives.

Pebetsi’s doctors still cannot believe what had happened to them, “To this day, Doctors still reiterate that our story is 1 in a million. A TRUE MIRACLE!” she concluded.

She had to then thank the people who helped save her and her daughter’s lives, “I Call Them My Angels. I am grateful for their immediate response to my emergency and the hands on support and care we got in our recovery. Their expertise, meticulousness and strategic work, does not go unnoticed. May you continue to save more lives.”

Pebetsi also got involved in a car accident during her pregnancy when she was trying to run away from hijackers. She expressed gratitude, “I don’t know yet, how I survived, I’m told most women with pre-eclampsia don’t. I cannot wrap my head around it yet or comprehend what happened. I am told we were brought back from death and shocked Dr. One day I will share the story. I don’t know why God chose us. For now, I appreciate health, and deeply grateful for life.”

“Since this year began actually, my existence on earth has been tried and tested. High health risks, car accident, Depression and Anxiety, fatally challenging birth experience. So literally, God gave me a second chance at life. I will never take it for granted again”, she said


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