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Pics: Pearl Thusi attends ex, Walter Mokoena’s, daughter’s birthday party

Pearl Thusi

Walter Mokoena and Pearl Thusi are definitely leading by example when it comes to being amazing co-parents. They had their first child together, but have both since moved on. Walter has married someone else and had more children. However, that didn’t stop him from inviting Pearl to come along with his oldest daughter to his other daughter’s recent sixth birthday dinner.

Walter shared some pics on his Instagram account and the whole family was having loads of fun.

Pearl gets along great with Walter’s other children and could be seen cuddling the birthday girl in one of the pics.

The pics looked so fun and intimate that some fans even wondered if Pearl and Walter were back together.

Budluzawesu asked, “Entlek (Actually), are u guys back together?”

But, eagle-eyed followers pointed out that Walter’s wife was also there and he had posted her on his Instagram stories. Fans are truly loving the mature co-parenting vibes from Walter and Pearl. Check out a few of their comments below:

msshamese – “This co-parenting is on another level jerrr. God bless your pure loving heart and not forgetting your beautiful wife and ex-wife ….beautiful family indeed, stay blessed.”

mzidob1 – “This is beautiful, especially for the kids. Ya’ll are real adults.”

hlongwanelydia – “You, Mr Mokoena, and your family are goals. I always look up to you guys and the Fergusons. Having mixed or blended families in thee black community is the most difficult. But, you guys, I salute, those kids will grow up together equally loving each other as siblings and having double parents as a bonus.”