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Papa Penny forgive me: Joe Banana

Joe Banana

Joe Banana hasn’t been able to find peace. And it’s not because he killed his girlfriend.


Joe was recently released after serving 11 years, but his torment doesn’t have anything to do with the murder.

Joe, whose real name is Johannes Mohlala, said he was raised by Papa Penny – and on the day of the murder he had been to Papa Penny’s house in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni.

He told Daily Sun it was not his dead girlfriend haunting him but the fact that Papa Penny had refused to forgive him.

Joe said he lived with Papa Penny for more than seven years.

“I enjoyed singing with him,” said Joe.

“I never knew my real father. After my mother died I didn’t have a home and went from one relative to the other. Then Papa Penny took care of me. He was the only father I knew.”

Papa Penny

He said he contacted Papa Penny but the singer never visited him in jail.

“I used to live with him and I’m in love with his music.

“I will die if he doesn’t listen to my request,” he said.

“I regret what I did and I don’t want his money. I just want to hear him say he forgives me.”

The 40-year-old from Kagiso, Mogale City, said he believed if Papa Penny forgave him, opportunities would open up for him.

Joe said on the day of the murder he visited his girlfriend and they argued.

“We started fighting and she grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard,” he said.

“I was in pain and I tried to push her off but she still clung to them. That’s when I stabbed her.”

Joe said although he regretted what he had done, he was in great pain and only meant to scare his girlfriend so she would let go of his balls.

When Daily Sun contacted Papa Penny, he said he knew Joe.

“I forgive him, but for now he needs to go and mend his ways,” he said. “I never raised him to kill, but I do forgive him.”

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