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100s turn up in Cape Town for 2nd day of Palestine protests outside Parliament

Palestine protests in Cape Town

The fight against Israeli attacks on Palestinians continues, with hundreds of people from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds rallying in solidarity in front of Parliament on Wednesday.

This comes after hundreds of Palestinians were injured on Monday when Israeli forces raided Masjid al Aqsa in Jerusalem, leaving 122 people wounded and 26 Palestinians dead, including nine children.

Amongst the protesters, Mandla Mandela marched with his family in solidarity against the brutal killings of Palestinians in Israel.

“Mostly I stand here as a father, my son today is turning four years old, Mandela Ikraam Mandela and to continuously witness children in Palestine being shot in the back and being put in prison really pains our hearts as fathers, parents and also as citizens in the republic of South Africa that have witness such brutalities in our past.

“We are here today as a family to say that we will not rest until we see a free Palestine and we will continue to speak against the brutality that is emitted out against innocent women and children in Palestine, that is why we are here as a family to charge forward with what Madiba once said, ’our freedom is incomplete until the Palestinians’,” said Mandela.

Member of the Observatory Support committee for Palestine, Mustafa Jacobs said that he is disgusted at the government for their pretentious efforts in being a democratic country whilst they’ve made no efforts in standing up against the atrocities happening in Israel.

“As South Africans, what is more disappointing is that our government will boast about Democracy, yet their actions are contrary when it comes to standing up against Israel.

“They were asked 40 years ago to close the Israel embassy in South Africa, but we have yet to see that happen.

“They’ve never responded to the memorandum. sent with all the requests from the people, they are yet to respond. It even comes to a point where Israelis in South Africa have dual citizenships. All these factors make us question the government’s efforts hence we are here,” said Jacobs.

ANC Gaby Shaprio branch member, Sofoora Sadek said that it is important to correct the misconception about the struggle of Palestinians. He said many people think it is a religious war whilst it is not.

“One should understand that this is not about Muslim rights, it is about human rights that the government is overlooking.The atrocities that is currently happening is basically apartheid in the way we experienced apartheid in South Africa and this needs to come to an end because the rights of Palestine is not being respected and seen as human rights.”

“If we fought for our freedom on the basis of our human rights, we should be able to support the Palestinians’ fight, for human rights by calling on the government to condemn what is happening.”

“I think it will be great if internationally, what’s happening in Palestinian can be declared a crime against humanity as apartheid was declared a crime against humanity. All the support that was given to South Africa under apartheid by the international community, is the same support that should be given to the Palestinians,” said Sadek.

-Weekend Argus

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