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Photo of Kwaito star Brickz outside prison shocks Mzansi

An undated photo of disgraced kwaito star and rape convict Brickz, which is circulating on social media, has divided Mzansi. In the photo Brickz, real name Sipho Charles Ndlovu is standing next to DJ Cleo in what appears to be a SABC studio.

The photo has caused confusion, given that the musician is supposed to be serving a 15-year sentence for rape. The image resulted in speculation over whether Brickz has been released on parole less than four years into a 15-year sentence.


The photo of Brickz seemingly out of prison has sparked heated debate among South Africans after some people welcomed him back. They argued that Brickz also deserves to be given a second chance by society as he has done his time.

However, others were not as charitable. They argued that it is despicable for people to welcome back a convicted rapist as if he is some kind of returning hero. They also questioned the apparent unfairness of releasing a rapist who has barely served a third of his sentence.

Some also highlighted that if Brickz has been indeed released on parole, it only shows that South Africa is not serious about protecting women and fighting GBV.

Below is how some Mzansi social media users reacted to the alleged release of Brickz from prison:

@umlungue: I don’t understand why you guys cheering his comeback it’s not like the guys was in exile or something he committed a serious crime.

@Lahli06721710: I get you nd you are 100% right but for as long as he served his time we should let things be. Let’s give him a second chance so he can leave his life in a good or new way.

@MarvYou_: Black ppl in South African include women forgave and supports white ppl for apartheid cruelty but can not support and forgive another black person bcos we black.

@msibiks: You’ve done your time mabrigado, a Second chance is due- No matter how desparate you are Do not work for MojaLove, please & yes Don’t Host uyanola 9/9 please 🙏🏿.. I thank you.

@Siyamke1: the comments made make you realise why SA one of highest in GBV especially rape. Men rejoice and protect each other, when a man who raped, took virginity and infected young girl with STI is out.. they rejoice? They don’t realise world they’re creating for sons and daughters

@Thuske_bhuti: Mara guys didn’t he pay for his sins with the jail time, is it his fault that the South African system failed us as a country with his sentencing, what happened to giving people a 2nd chance in life. Please dont come come at me hard anginabazali.

@Love_KayM: Imagine your rapist being welcomed back like he did time for stealing cigarettes at Shoprite

@sphahlanga: He deserves a second chance, every body does, he just came out of a correctional services he deserves the chance to prove if he has corrected himself…

@Than1111: Women and children deserve better. And all the degenerates celebrating this convicted child r*pist deserve to rot in hell.

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