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Worried Abdul Khoza reacts to his brother SK Khoza’s s.e.x tape & Onlyfans account

Mzansi actor Abdul Khoza is worried about his brother SK Khoza, following the s.e.x tape that has been making the rounds on social media featuring him and an unknown woman.

The clip has left social media users with mixed reactions. Some have accused SK of making headlines for the wrong reasons and tarnishing his reputation. Others believe he can make a lot of money by sharing his content on Onlyfans.

Instead of taking legal actions against the person who leaked the s.e.x tape, Khoza made fun of it. He took to his Instagram account to share that he had opened an OnlyFans account.

Khoza called on his fans to subscribe to his account, but it appears his brother is concerned about him. Abdul commented on one of SK’s posts and said he must call him. “Please Bro I Beg. Call Me Now Please,” he commented.

Abdul and SK Khoza’s brotherly love constantly leaves us in awe, and it’s touching to see him reach out to his brother. He recently showed love to him after the viral videos of him having a meltdown. Reacting to the aftermath of the posts, SK apologized for his actions and said “he was trapped in a very dark space.”

“Forgive me for I have sinned and was trapped in a very dark space, to everyone that I was rude and mean to…my deepest apologies.” SK Khoza is no stranger to controversy. In 2020 he made headlines after he appeared in a video where he was in the company of three n@ked ladies, with one touching him as he turned on the TV.

The alleged s.e.x party video left some of his fans disappointed by his “reckless behaviour.” He later released a statement apologizing for his actions. “My actions were unacceptable, I beg for forgiveness. I take full responsibility, especially at a time we are faced with a serious pandemic. I should have made better decisions. I need to do better. To everyone I have disappointed and hurt, I am truly sorry.”

He profusely apologized to his family, fans, and his disgraced employers The Fergusons, “Inappropriate video images of myself were leaked online and I would like to profusely apologize to my family, friends, employers and fans for embarrassing them and myself. I have put @Shona_Ferguson (FergusonFilms), my family, and @Mzansimagic in a position I totally regret,” he wrote.


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