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Oklahoma man kills 3 children, wife in murder-suicide

A deadly mass shooting at a home in Oklahoma City erupted in which a suspect killed his three children and a wife before putting himself to death, according to local police.

Authorities termed the mass shooting as a suicide murder as the officials were notified Monday at around 9:35am. The first responders said that they found five bodies inside the house, near Yukon.

The man identified as 42-year-old Jonathon Candy shot dead his 39-year-old wife Lindsay the children: 18-year-old Dylan, 14-year-old Ethan, and 12-year-old Lucas, police said quoted by an ABC News report.

Authorities said the fourth child was unharmed. It remains a mystery as to what caused Candy to murder his wife and three of his children,” a statement by police read Tuesday.

Master Sgt Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department termed it the homicide saying: “This is not a carbon monoxide or fentanyl deal. These people died violently.” Knight also said in a statement that police can’t yet reveal what investigators believe happened.

As many as 115 mass shootings have been reported this year according to the Gun Violence Archive. The mass shooting is defined as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter.

Source: eNCA

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