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Actor Nyaniso Dzedze fears for his wife Yana’s life – She was taken away & allegedly placed in a dangerous Detention centre

Nyaniso Dzedze

A few days ago News365.co.za published that, the actor and his wife had been detained at OR Tambo after their travel from Rwanda. Therefore, this time Mr. Dzedze has come out fuming over the state of the center where his wife is detained that it is so risky and fears for her life.

Nyaniso Dzedze and his wife Yana Seidl’s nightmare is still ongoing and this time, his wife has it worse. The couple now have lawyers involved in their case.

After every efforts to enter the country from a trip in Rwanda, Yana eventually got detained. The aggrieved actor claims that the centre is neither police nor a state official detention centre.

“Now she is being detained by a private Detention centre that is neither police nor state official Detention. They lock up my wife and all other people detained there in isolated rooms and let them out to eat.

Nyaniso Dzedze

“This Detention is not living up to sanitary standards of World Health Organizations. There are no hand sanitizers, no hand wash, no gloves or face masks.
On top of it all we are informed that the people being detained are going to be financially accountable for their Detention,” he explained.

The country implemented a recent travel ban amidst the growing coronavirus outbreak in South Africa. The ban restricts people who come from high-risk countries.

Much to their confusion, the couple explained that they were in Africa these past few months. Their last trip being in Rwanda, Kigali for 6 days. They flew back to the country a day after President Cyril Ramaphosa made the announcement.

“When we arrived at customs she [Yana] was denied access because her passport is German.
We explained she has not been to Germany since she was 15 years old and has not been to her mother’s house in the UK since last year August.

Her passport clearly states that since August 2019 she was in South Africa, Zanzibar, South Africa again and Rwanda.”

Nyaniso Dzedze

His lengthy Instagram post describes the nightmare Yana is faced with and in addition to that, the detained are to pay for their stay at the centre.

Nyaniso even fears that his wife is heavily exposed to the virus as the staff are not taking any necessary precautions to be safe.

“No one there is being screened, tested or quarantined. It seems that immigration is not concerned about the COVID-19 virus at all, because even the staff working there is not taking any protection measures for themselves. They aren’t wearing face masks or gloves,” he proclaimed.

They are calling for people to help especially looking at the fact that their phones and other belongings were taken away from them and are not in contact with any family members.

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