Less than a week after claiming that she was r@ped by a well-known musician, Ntsiki Mazwai has told fans that she is being emotionally abused by a family member who is making her life a “living hell”.

Ntsiki Mazwai

She alleged that other family members turn a blind eye to the situation.

“Patriarchy is a deep and difficult problem we face as a society, in our families. It is a vile disease that make the men in our homes a danger to us,” she added.

Interacting with a fan, Ntsiki claimed that the situation was “toxic” and got so bad she had to speak out.

“Nobody is hearing my cry. Everybody keeps quiet as he hurls abuse…He does it every day. Swears at me every day. Accuses me of things I haven’t done just so he can express his rage at me,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Why do you think I’m now shouting loud for the world. I have murderous thought. He is so foul and disgusting. Undithuka (insulting me) every single day. It’s so toxic,” she said, in response to a fan’s own tale of abuse.

When contacted by our source Ntsiki asked for privacy on the matter.