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Ntando Kunene – Doing What You Love the most is Hard

Ntando Kunene has touched on a very important topic about being passionate about something but encountering challenges. Ntando took to Instagram to express herself. She said, “I know I’m smiling in this picture, but sometimes when in the office, it’s not all smiles but tears, questions, realigning, going back to your vision board, constantly reminding yourself why you started, etc.

I think there is a misconception about “doing what you love” as if it is not supposed to be hard. Yes, I am passionate about everything I do but that also comes with it’s own set of challenges.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose; that is part of the journey. We keep going because the vision remains. We will keep our eyes fixed on the prize. PS: Whenever you face challenges in doing what you love; those challenges are justifiable. It’s challenging that fuel you to rise rather than to quit.

Ntando Kunene

“I feel better. I make more time to be with Oyinkosi even if sometimes its just him coming into my study and he can do whatever he does as much as I am still working but he’s around and he’s there…sometimes when I come downstairs, he going to say ‘mommy go study’, sometimes I feel bad I am like ‘is that how you know me now'”

On social media, peeps have been seen celebrating their divorce the exact same way they celebrated their marriage. For them, divorcing is like a breath of fresh air and they continue with life as normal. For Khaya Mthethwa though, he had to face, many obstacle including criticism from people because he divorced his now ex-wife Ntando Kunene.

Speaking to Khutso Theledi on her YFM ‘The Lady On Drive Show’, he spoke about how society turned it’s back on him and made him feel unworthy because his marriage to Ntando lasted for two years. This was just one of the many hardships he faced in his life, but they helped him because he can now deal with obstacles thrown at him.

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Cassper Nyovest is in awe and full of gratitude to Black Coffee for supporting his sneakers brand.

Black Coffee

The rapper has been getting lots of support from other celebrity, but getting an endorsement from the international DJ is such a big deal to Cass. Learn more