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The real reason Ntando Duma left Rhythm City the first time

Ntando Duma

The Real Reason Ntando Duma Left Rhythm City The First Time! Ntando Duma is one of the lucky ones. Her first acting gig was a major role in Rhythm City but she didn’t stay on the drama series for long.

Ntando Duma 

In a recent interview on ‘Behind The Story’ with Pearl Thusi, Ntando shared the reason why she wanted out. Ntando explained how she didn’t relate to the Zinzi’s character who was supposed to be a cheese girl who speaks fluent English.

Ntando Duma

“Firstly, I did not understand the character that I was given to audition for…not that I didn’t understand it but I have a problem speaking English, I don’t like English. I think it goes back to where I grew up (Orange Farm), we were taught in Zulu (they would translate from English to Zulu for everyone to understand) and for me to be given a character that only speaks English….I was like I’m not comfortable at all,” she explained.

Ntando Duma

“I was young. I felt I deserved to do all these whilst I’m still young. It felt like I was put in the corner because you know how this industry is (you can’t for this channel and work for another channel). I was losing out on so many opportunities,” Ntando added.

Ntando Duma

Ntando says she knew it was an opportunity and a gift from God and she tried her best as hard as it was for her.

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