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Bonang under fire as beautiful photos of Nomzamo Mbatha without makeup surface

A few years ago, well-known Mzansi media personality Bonang Matheba garnered a lot of criticism after she appeared in a Nivea skincare ad wearing what appeared to be makeup. While Nivea faced most of the backlash for what many were calling “false advertising,” Queen B also faced a lot of trolling from social media users who questioned why she would go ahead with everything.

The radio and TV presenter later shared a makeup-free clip which garnered praise from her fans.

Bonang Matheba

This year, the little mishap was once again brought up after actress Nomzamo Mbatha went completely barefaced to advertise skincare brand Neutrogena.

Nomzamo Mbatha

In 2022, Bonang Matheba announced that she was one of the new ambassadors for Nivea skincare products.

The reception wasn’t a warm one from fans who blasted both Bonang and Nivea for sharing videos and photos of the media personality wearing makeup while using the products.

Nomzamo Mbatha

According to many, it was false advertising.

“Nivea is a joke honestly, they didn’t see anything wrong with Bonang applying the cream over makeup? They always get away with false advertising these ones,” an angry tweep wrote after seeing the ad two years ago.


Nomzamo Mbatha

“Nivea SA is one of the useless brands. You can tell the people who are responsible for issuing out campaigns they don’t even have brains,” a second wrote.

Nomzamo Mbatha

While Bonang later redeemed herself by going completely makeup free in a new set of imagery, she is still being reminded of the little blunder.

Nomzamo Mbatha

This week, social media users brought up the Bonang/Nivea drama after Shaka Ilembe star Nomzamo Mbatha went completely makeup-free for a Neutragena ad.


In the comment section, many shamelessly brought up how Bonang didn’t “dare” to show off her natural face. Others sang Nomzamo’s praise for looking so radiant.

Hilariously, others brought up the fact that Nomzamo is always smiling so brightly in photos.

“She’s beautiful with or without makeup. Makeup is not a need for her, it’s just a want,” one person said while another added:

“Beautiful lady but why is she always laughing?”

“Bonang can never,” a third added.

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