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Singer Nkosazana Daughter hospitalised

Nkosazana Daughter has been hospitalized following days of lamenting about her health.

The fast-rising star shared a photo of herself being admitted to the hospital with a drip connected to her hand.

She revealed that her health condition is bad and she’s getting treatment for it.

Meanwhile, she talked about her health last week before taking a break.

“I’m not feeling well I’ll get back to everyone soon,” she wrote.

There’s been a trend of South African musician falling ill or struggling with fatigue due to the cumbersome work they have on their schedule. Jumping from one show to the other without having a proper rest.

A few days ago, Felo Le Tee had to cancel gigs in other to rest as his health broke down; Sir Trill, Toss, Lamiez Holworthy and many others have complained of being ill or down.

As much as these musicians wants to earn money, they’ve been advised by fans to take a break when they need to.

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