#Uyajola99: Jub Jub under fire over latest episode showing n@ked people

The latest dramatic episode of Uyajola 9/9 has rubbed scores of viewers the wrong way. Viewers are certainly not jumping for job for a number of human rights that were violated in the name of entertainment.

Recently, Uyajola 9.9’s host Jub Jub was in hot water for filming yet another n@ked man on TV. The latest episode was a true attestation that this particular show violates a number of human and individual rights at the name of entertainment.

Last night’s episode saw a white lady that was cheating on her husband caught red handed in bed with another man. What has strike a nerve with the viewers is how both the lady and the guy’s individual rights were violated as they were filmed n@ked in bed.

Jub Jub

With no doubt, Uyajola 9.9 is famously known for exposing infidelity and cheating and scores of people on the show are always caught in compromising situations while cheating on their partners. However, viewers believe that last night’s episode crossed a number of lines and without question, it should have not been aired.

Whether this was Jub Jub’s tactics to be kept on the show as there are rumors that suggests that he might be booted off the show, that remains a mystery at the moment. However, the outcry from a number of viewers is how the couple that was caught red handed were publicly violated, ridiculed and humiliated for entertainment.

Viewers are still calling Jub Jub out for being disrespectful to both his show guests as well as viewers. The usage of profanity and vulgar language has been condemned too many times on the show but he continues to be blunt without any remorse.


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