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Nicole Nyaba: Social media is affecting my life


Nicole, a model and club hostess, became the focus of media and social media after she was accused of being rapper AKA’s side-chick. The model has also been tagged a slay queen and she explained to Carpo on Touch HD how that has affected her family.

Nicole Nyaba has found herself hogging headlines and trending across social media a lot since 2017, however, it hasn’t always been for the best reasons and she admitted that it sometimes hurts, particularly when her family is affected.

“I chill with my friends, smoke a J, laugh until it gets to my mom and my dad. Then it’s not a joke. Then it’s something that really really hurts me,” she said.

The model said she has the freedom to do anything she wants to do because her family trusts her to make the right choices for her life. She said they know what she does and they understand it.

“I avoid social media or commenting. But it does hurt and the only time it hurts is when I see my mom or a family member of mine disappointed in me over the sh** that people say about me. Because what they know is what I tell them, what they know is that I host parties, I work in a club. I’m a model and they get it…”

Nicole said she would never do anything that compromised her values for lifestyle and she said she always thinks about her family first. She added that she makes her own money and can afford her lifestyle.

“You might be doing these things going around, what if your father or your uncle catches you in the act. And for me, the problem is my uncle, my dad, the whole family are involved in my life.”

Nicole recently played the character of student who doubles up as a stripper and blessee on Cassper Nyovest’s music video Push Through The Pain. She said that she doesn’t condone young girls who sleep with men just for money.

“How would you take me seriously if we just f**** for money? It’s a whole different situation if you’re in a relationship and your man takes care of you, there’s a difference in being in a relationship for s.e.x exchange. So, I don’t condone it, I don’t go around chasing the latest Gucci’s.  I’m not there yet where I can’t afford it. I can afford my life, looking like a bad b*tch every day…”

Watch Nicole in action below:

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