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Former radio presenter Ngizwe Mchunu and Maskandi star Khuzani Mpungose at war

Insults flew during a Nkandla Municipality mayoral cup event in KZN on Saturday, 9 October.

And it all started when controversial former radio presenter Ngizwe Mchunu allegedly snubbed Khuzani Mpungose.

According to a source, Ngizwe was the MC at the event and was responsible for directing the event and calling the artists on stage.

“The problem started when he decided to snub Khuzani. He was given a list of artists to perform, but he chose to ignore it. When it was Khuzani’s turn to go on stage, he overlooked his name and called his friend, Mthandeni ‘Igcokama elisha’ Manqele. This angered Khuzani,” said the source.Khuzani Mpungose

“They hurled insults at each other in front of their supporters. Khuzani felt undermined mainly because his number one enemy Mthandeni was being entertained by Ngizwe at his expense,” said the source.

Another source told Daily Sun the fight was so bad Nkandla mayor Thami Ntuli had to intervene.

“Blood would have been shed if it wasn’t for Ntuli. The mayor told Ngizwe to call the artists according to the list,” said the source.

Khuzani told the People’s Paper he had made arrangements to get on stage early as he was rushing to other gigs and his request was accepted.

“I was supposed to perform after Khangelani Mhlongo. As I was waiting for my turn, I saw Ngizwe gossip with this other artist (Mthandeni) and I knew they were planning to disturb me.

“I ignored them. I then waited to be called, but that didn’t happen.

“Instead, Ngizwe called my enemy to go on stage. This angered me, but the mayor intervened and I managed to perform in my slot,” said Khuzani.

Mthandeni said Khuzani is looking for attention.

“He and Ngizwe caused drama at the event, not me. As a result, I performed after him and people enjoyed my performance.”

Stage manager Ndalo Sithole said according to the list, Khuzani was supposed to perform before Mthandeni. “I gave the list to Ngizwe, but I don’t know why he mixed up the names. I’d left already when the commotion started,” said Ndalo.

Ngizwe’s phone rang unanswered and he did not respond to text messages.


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