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AKA reveals some strange things his girlfriend Nelli is craving

AKA got a little worried when his girlfriend Nelli Tembe came to him and said she was craving mango with spice. After letting his followers in on his dilemma, AKA quickly found out that her cravings are totally normal. Despite so many telling AKA that mango and spice is nice, AKA ain’t interested in trying it.

AKA And Nelli Tembe

AKA got a little worried when his girlfriend Nelli Tembe came to him and said she was craving mango with spice on it. Every man knows what it means when your woman comes to you with strange cravings.

AKA and Nelli Tembe

Taking to social media, AKA let his fans know that Nelli just told him about the times when she was younger and they used to eat mango with chicken spice on it.

My girl just told me she would eat mangoes with Robertson’s Chicken Spice as a child. I’m traumatized.”

One fan went on to ask if Nelli was from Durban, and AKA responded, confirming that she is.

Yes she is.”

Another two social media users went on to let AKA know that the combination is something the people of Durban are all about.

My brother, that’s the design in Durban… it’s waaaaaay toooo iconic.

neAromat actually… but the mango has to be half ripe. Reminds me of my boarding school years.

Despite fans letting AKA know how good it is, AKA made it clear that it ain’t his thing and that he is not about to try it out either.

Hmmm … I’ll give it a miss.

The crazy thing is that I don’t even eat MANGO.

AKA then went on to let the people know that Nelli is now craving mango with Knorrox and it has him stressing. My guy, chill, it’s just because she’s from Durban, we think.

Now she’s telling me she’s craving it… but with Knorrox this time. Hectic.


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