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Neglected workers encouraged to take stand against unfair payments

Naledi Pandor

Higher Education and Training Minister Naledi Pandor has urged black people and women to take a stand against discriminatory pays in their workplaces.

A report she released in Pretoria on Tuesday shows that women and black people are, on average, paid less than their white colleagues.

A white person without the matric certificate was on average paid double than a black person with matric. While a white person without matric would earn R7 440, a black person would be paid R3 872.

A white person with matric would be paid R10 116, while a black person without matric would get R2 373.

A black person with a degree was likely to be paid R13 3539 monthly, while their white counterpart would get R19 700.

Naledi Pandor

A white person with just a certificate was paid R14 084, which was more than an average salary of a black graduate.

Speaking to journalists after releasing the report, Pandor said those discriminated against should take a stand.

Pandor said those unfairly treated should fight for what is right. “I think one of the things we must encourage people to be is activists,” said Pandor.

“While you might not argue or protest for improved salaries, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be discriminated against.

Pandor said countless women in the higher education sector have told her of salary disparities.

“Many women in higher education do tell me that they are paid less than their male counterparts. This shouldn’t be countenanced.

“I think it’s an unfair practice and it’s something that should be drawn to the attention of the appropriate authorities,” said Pandor.

“But people must fight for their rights in institutions in which they work. Our Constitution does not allow that kind of unfair discrimination.”

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