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Pending Eskom coal deal puts SA taxpayer’s neck on the block again


There is a simple way to stabilise electricity prices, cast off Eskom’s crippling debt, boost SA’s credit rating and liquidity, kick-start our economy and yet maintain public sector ownership of critical assets in the electricity sector, all while becoming profoundly green.

It requires a shift of perspective, and so we have developed a metaphor: imagine the country as a modern cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic. It is driven by both sails (wind) and diesel engines. The engines have broken down and there is no wind — the ship is literally in the doldrums.

Eskom board

A mayday message has been sent and a tugboat has arrived, but has run out of fuel. The ship is leaking and sinking deeper in the water. There is inertia: the tugboat cannot pull. Time passes, the ship sinks deeper. What to do? The situation seems intractable and a pessimistic mood is becoming despair. It seems a matter of time before the ship sinks and the tugboat saves itself by severing the cable.

In other news – Malema proudly owns his friendship with Adriano Mazzotti

The EFF leader has thrown down a challenge to anyone using his relationship with the ‘cigarette smuggler’ to criticise him.


In a Twitter post on Sunday afternoon, EFF leader Julius Malema made it clear that reports about his friendship with self-confessed cigarette smuggler Adriano Mazzotti not only don’t phase him, he is actually more than happy to include Mazzotti’s name in the same breath as the names of his children, siblings, grandmother, mother and wife. Read more

Source: The Citizen


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