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Amanda Manku (Lizzy) from Skeem Saam details her horrific near-death experience

Skeem Saam actress and sportscaster Amanda Manku is one person who appreciates the gift of life, following her horrific near-death experience last year. Amanda plays the role of Dr Elizabeth “Lizzy” Thobagale on the popular SABC1 educational soapie.

Lizzy’s family was hit hard by a nasty bout of Covid-19. Although she ultimately survived the respiratory disease, the Skeem Saam actress was hit hard by Covid-19 and feared the worst. At the worst of it, she had difficulty breathing and supporting herself, and she had to walk around holding onto furniture.

Amanda later managed to pull through and beat the disease. This made her appreciate the gift of life more. Narrating her near-death experience on her 30th birthday, Amanda said,

“I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday this year. There’s nothing worth celebrating… However, 2/3 weeks before my birthday, my siblings and I tested positive for Covid-19, we all had different symptoms, and some had it easier than others … Almost 30 year old me had it hard.

“I was really struggling, so when I finally became Covid-19 free and could leave the house, but most importantly could breathe, walk around without holding onto anything, and my feet weren’t swelling anymore… I realized the importance of celebrating life.”

To make matters worse for the actress, her mother and grandmother both succumbed to the disease and had to be buried at the same time, a few months earlier. At the time, she lamented,

“One thing my mother always told me is to stop posting about my problems, but right now, it’s hard. I want to vent! I want to understand! How can I lose my mother and grandmother at the same time? Who will I go to for comfort? For advice? God answer me.”

However, the Skeem Saam “Lizzy” actress remains undefeated by the near-death experience and is determined to make full use of the gift of life.

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