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Natasha Thahane’s character landed in prison on #LockdownMzansi

Natasha Thahane

Lockdown fans couldn’t believe their eyes after this week’s episode showed what Masabatha’s plan with Katlego has been all along. Katlego’s killing spree finally came to an end, which saw her get arrested and sent to the same prison her sister Monde is. The same prison, where her cult leader and manipulator Masabata reigns from.

Natasha Thahane


While fans knew from the get-go that Katlego would end up in prison, they couldn’t have foreseen that Masabatha would turn the sisters against each other. So when Katlego started beating Monde up, the Twitter streets were chaotic!

Natasha Thahane

Not only has Katlego’s innocence disappeared into thin air, the evil in her has taken over and everybody who has watched Monde from the first season of the series knows that she isn’t a criminal at heart.

Natasha Thahane

The poor girl was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and has paid heavily for that.

Fans don’t think she deserves to keep going through the most and they had the memes to show it.




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