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Nambitha Ben-Mazwi’s new scandalous role on e.TV primetime soapie, Scandal!

Straight-off the set of SABC legal drama series, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, South Africa’s leading lady, announces her new role as she crosses over from a fearless, bold attorney on Diamond City, to a sultry host of a secret gentlemen’s club on Scandal! and we cannot wait for her to create absolute mayhem on the e.TV audience in her new role as Shado.

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi
Nambitha Ben-Mazwi as Shado

Nambitha stars alongside some of SA’s most-loved thespians; Brighton Ngoma; Kgomotso Christopher, and Lusanda Mbane; and we overly excited to see her take on the role of Shado who is the epitome of sexy with an aura of elegance and a manipulative quality just to get her way. As a heartthrob of Scandal! it only makes sense that Shado plays the love interest of Quinton Nyathi (Brighton Ngoma).

“I’ve always steered away from soapies for so long, I am so excited to be entering the soapie world. I’m also excited to be back with the eTV family and have loved every minute spent with the warm and welcoming Scandal! team,” says Nambitha.
Outside of her craft as an actress, Nambitha has been using her influence and platform as an advocate for women empowerment. She recently launched her own women’s empowerment movement known as #SheSpeaks by Lady Nam that encourages self-assurance, confidence and she expresses that the role of Shado was a morally challenging character at first, but Nam found the purpose in telling Shado’s story authentically.

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi

Nambitha expresses she always endeavours to play characters vastly different to the ones she’s played before. “I never want to be type-casted,” says Nambitha, “I tried not to judge her [Shado] character and put more effort into understanding how girls in that industry work.

I did my research into the human and vulnerable element into women who use men to get what they want and those that lead double lives and tried to understand them as people and not as ‘working girls’.” eTV’s primetime soapie, Scandal! is largely set within the rebranded Johannesburg media house, NFH (Nyathi Family Holdings), a company that produces the gritty & gloss-glam magazine, Scandal! and the cutting edge newspaper, The New Voice. Scandal! airs on weeknights at 19h30 and we get introduced to this vixen on Friday, 8th February. Be there as they uncover disturbing truths, and experience the daily drama on Scandal!