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2 accused in Nafiz Modack trial deny playing part in committing murders for him

Two accused in the high-profile trial against alleged underworld gang boss, Nafiz Modack, have denied playing any part in committing murders on his behalf.

The co-accused, Toufeek Brown and Mario Petersen, are alleged to be part of a gang affiliated to Modack.

They face a slew of charges linked to the murders of Nicolaas Heerschap, Richard Joseph, and the attempted murders of criminal attorney, William Booth, and alleged underworld figure, Andre Naude.

Petersen has denied hiding the gun that was used in the Heerschap murder, while Brown insists he is not the leader of the Terrible West Siders gang, based in Woodstock.

A State witness and self-confessed hitman, who can only be identified as “Mr A”, has testified that both men are complicit in the Heerschap murder and other crimes on behalf of Modack.

Mr A said Petersen drove him to and from the Heerschap murder scene in Melkbosstrand and later helped burn the car before offering to hide the gun.

Mr A said he was a member of the Terrible West Siders gang and took instructions from Brown to commit crimes on behalf of Modack.

Defence attorneys for Brown and Petersen said their clients would testify that Mr A was lying to the court.


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