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Nafiz Modack trial: State presents evidence implicating 1 accused in attempted murder of attorney William Booth

The State has presented evidence implicating alleged underworld figure Zain Kilian in the attempted murder of criminal defense attorney William Booth.

Kilian is one of 14 co-accused in the trial against alleged underworld kingpin Nafiz Modack.

Modack and his co-accused face 122 charges related to various crimes, including the murder of top cop Charl Kinnear, and the attempted murder of Booth.

State prosecutor Greg Wolmarans presented evidence taken from one of Kilian’s cellphones, which showed Kilian shared information about Booth with a contact saved as “Nafiz3”.

Evidence presented in court on Wednesday showed Kilian shared Booth’s location with another unknown contact one day before Booth’s attempted murder in July 2020.

Screenshots of other messages and photographs related to Booth were also retrieved from Kilian’s phone.

The trial continues on Thursday.


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