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Nadia Nakai opens up on reuniting with her dad

Rapper Nadia Nakai said she recently reunited with her dad who she hadn’t seen in 30 years. The rapper told Zingah on Choppin It With Buddha T’s podcast that her dad reached out to her when he saw the news about the late rapper AKA’s death.

“It was actually a good meeting, it was wholesome, it was nice. I didn’t have anger because I feel like I lived a good life with my mom. My mom did that, she raised me well. I didn’t feel like I was losing anything, I think I just wanted to meet him because a lot was going on in my life. I just felt like I needed to find myself. I even went to Zimbabwe.”

Nadia also shared that she went to see her grandmother back home (Zimbabwe) when she was grieving after her late partner AKA’s death.

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“I had to see my gran it was just a lot, so that was part of my healing process. My granny is not spiritual like that but church and prayer 100%. Also just spending time with my grandmother and speaking to her about a lot of things is what I needed. I needed that support. I needed my Gogo. I had to go back.”

Nadia recently revealed it was not just another relationship. She said they believed it was a “God-ordained” relationship.

Nadia opened up on L-Tido’s podcast recently on whether she thought the decision to date AKA through.

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“There were a lot of factors that came into play. I was worried I would lose fans because I thought my fans were because of Refiloe [Cassper]. I didn’t realise my fans were my fans. They stuck with me and I’ve grown more, but I was concerned about that, my fans, that they were going to turn against me, what were people going to say, and with Kiernan coming out of what he had gone through. I was also concerned about that, is it too soon, does he need time?”

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