Nadia Nakai apologies

Proof, if any further was needed, that the internet never forgets, Nadia Nakai has found herself in the firing line on Twitter over homophobic tweets she made almost a decade ago. Much like they did with Boity, tweeps have found some damning tweets Nadia made in the past

The rapper came under fire, when tweeps dug up a tweet she posted back in 2010, in which she wrote: “This movie is about a male mermaid. GAY! Why am I watching this?”

The tweet was then captured as a screenshot, which quickly went viral. It wasn’t long before Twitter was tearing the star to shreds.

Nadia Nakai

Nakai has tried to douse the fire by issuing an apology in which she said the tweet she made was when she was “a child” and that she was “sorry if they offended”.

Naturally, this failed to mollify a lot of people on Twitter while others rushed to her defence.

Nakai’s woes are eerily similar to the those faced by Boity earlier this week when she too was dragged over hot coals on Twitter for homophobic tweets she posted back in 2009.

It seems the Twitter miners are hard at work. One wonders what other shameful nuggets they will find.

Source: The Citizen

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